How do I keep my customers happy and engaged?

With Banter, of course.

What is Banter?

Banter is a simple to use AI Messaging Platform that helps customers find and buy what they’re looking for.

Your customers will love you.

How It Works

Banter is an

AI Messaging Platform

Banter is designed to handle customer questions effortlessly.

Your customers use the messaging apps they already know and love (SMS, Facebook, Twitter and more) to ask about anything.

  • Store hours
    How early are you open on Saturday?
  • Store locations
    What’s the nearest store to 94106?
  • Product availability
    Do you have Pampers Cruisers Size 3?
  • Purchasing items
    I need a pair of black boots, size nine.
  • In Store assistance
    I'm on aisle 6. Where is the duct tape?
  • Customer Service
    I need to return a digital camera.

Banter is an

In Store Assistant

With Banter, shoppers always find what they’re looking for and get help when they need it.

  • Frustration Free Shopping
    Busy and focused shoppers can now find what they want without wandering the aisles. They’ll leave your store satisfied that they got what they came for.
  • Summon Expert Advice
    Sometimes shoppers need help and customer assistance is nowhere to be found. Banter allows shoppers to instantly and easily summon expert help.
  • Browsing in Peace
    Some shoppers want to be left alone to browse by themselves. Banter is a safe way to ask questions without the assistance of an overeager salesperson.
  • Rain Check, Please
    If an item is out of stock, shoppers can still leave satisfied. Banter can order the item and ship it directly to the customer.

Banter is a

Personal Shopper

Banter helps customers anytime and anywhere.

  • Always Available And Convenient
    Banter works whenever it’s convenient for your customers. It’s always on, so customers can pick up shopping right where they left off.
  • Route To The Right People
    Sometimes your customers need to chat with someone specific. Banter seamlessly routes the conversation to the right associate in store or in your customer service center.
  • Customers Will Love You
    Banter delivers a uniquely personalized customer experience. Customers build a relationship with your brand that keeps them coming back for more.
  • Focus On The Important Stuff
    Banter takes care of your customers’ most common needs, allowing your service agents to provide a better experience when things get complicated.